Finding Joy in the Mundane - Carolyn Wagler

Finding Joy in the Mundane

By Carolyn Wagler

A sigh escaped my lips as i sat down with my cookbooks and reheated coffee. What was i to make for dinner again? The laundry was tumbling around in the washer like a tornado on the loose. The dryer was put to work today because the sky was once again dripping tears of spring rain. The kids argued over every little thing they could and the house… well, the house just looked like the tornado in the washer let loose in there as well. 

Have you ever felt your heart tighten with the stress of the mundane? The spring rain is getting to you? The kids are trapped indoors. Everything seems boring. You just want vacation. A sunny beach with your toes buried in the hot sand? Here are a few keys i am trying to put to use in my life. As i too, feel those moments of stress and overload. The strong desire to leave my mom life and head to the beach!

Wake Up With A Purpose

Have you ever stopped and thought about the question, “What makes my feet touch the floor in the morning?” What is my purpose in life? Do i love life? Am i excited about spending another day with my kids? Am i refreshed and full of inspiration to try out a new cuisine that’s full of good nutrition for my family? These are some questions i am asking myself recently. They make me stop and consider and take a good look at myself and my thought life.

Seek Beauty in the Small Details

Look for those little miracles- those little details that can just make your heart melt! Maybe its just the way your creamer curls into your steaming coffee cup in the morning! Or its just taking the time to serve yourself an omelet on your favorite dinner plate. Really stop and just look at the beauty of the yellow dandelion your kid hands to you, give your kid a hug and smile because you saw God smile through your kids eyes.

Do Something For Someone Else

So like when i say do something for someone else, i don’t mean you need to make some elaborate meal and deliver it to their doorstep. Now, grant it that would be kind and if you have the time by all means do that. But i say this with little things in mind. Maybe its just sending a small thinking of you text to your friend. Or a short phone call with your mom. Give a bright smile to your neighbor when you go get your mail. Or greet the cashier at Walmart with a smile and “How are you today?”. These few little things can just make your day go better as for the other folks as well!

Think Positively

How do you think positively when the dishes are stacked high, the laundry piles are near to mount Everest, the floors feel like they never met Mr. mop hanging in the cleaning closet…instead of dwelling on the largeness of the all the work in front of you, begin one task and count the blessings in that task. Be grateful for a husband that chose you and loves you. Be blessed for the kids that are healthy and have creative minds. Be thankful for the blessing of good food to eat.

Spend Some Time With Yourself

Yes, you heard me right, time with yourself. That can be hard to come by when your a busy mom. But i try to get up a bit earlier than the kids to have that quiet time with God, drink my morning coffee, and pray before i begin the day! I have found when i missed those quiet mornings, i often feel more stressed and more impatient with everything that comes unexpected to me that day. 

In Conclusion

I am hoping with these few keys, you as well as i, can help the mundane life become a life of joy in the serving! The other day as i was working with the kids all piled near me. As i felt their body heat next to mine, love swelled in my heart and i thanked God for this wonderful privilege to have health to be near the kids and influence their lives for years to come!

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