How To Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy! - Carolyn Wagler

How To Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy!

By Carolyn Wagler

Do you ever worry about keeping your kids happy and healthy?? Or is that just me?

I would say this is the one thing I worried about the most when we started our family. Now I have had the wonderful opportunity of being a mama for over 7 years!

I do, by no means have motherhood down pat… but who does? I would love to share just a few tips with you, just simple things that can have a huge impact on your kids health and will also reward you with a happier child!

Establish A Sleep Routines

Sleep routines. Where to start… I cant even begin to say how IMPORTANT this is for your kid and for you too:)!

Both of our kids were great sleepers from baby on… did we get lucky? Yes, but I know without a doubt in my mind the sleeping/eating/play routine, was a game changer for them. It helped their bodies establish a healthy routine right from birth.

When I was pregnant I read a book that had a huge impact on me, as a mom! It was the BabyWise book… you need to read it. Seriously. I give this book so much credit when I think of how my babies slept and still sleep through the night for years now.

Every child is different, but it can’t be pure coincidence that my kids are amazing sleepers! I personally know other moms that have used this method and they too, have had wonderful results!

Wash Hands Frequently

Washing our hands. So simple, but yet it so effective for fighting germs and bacteria.

Just a gentle reminder to little kids… and big kids too…. wash your hands after using the bathroom, touching our pets, playing outside.. coughing and sneezing, etc.. just to name a few. 

Washing our hands is the best way to prevent the spread of germs. 

Use Natural Products

Instead of using harsh cleaners in your house, use a vinegar and water mixture or find natural or plant-based products. Get rid of all the antibacterial hand soaps. Both the cleaners and the hand soaps kill bacteria, they also destroy the good bacteria that keeps us healthy. Use a natural soap and warm water and that works perfect for hand washing.

Take Daily Probiotics

For more and more moms, daily probiotic supplements is an easy choice to help their families stay strong and healthy, especially with today’s highly-processed and minimally-nutritious food.

However, as you might already know, there are literally thousands of products on the market, all purporting to do the job…. but beware! Not all products are created equal…

Things to watch out for include products containing large amounts of fillers and/or artificial sweeteners. Also, make sure your supplement of choice has the strains of bacteria appropriate for your children. 

Serve Healthy Meals and Snacks 

In a world of highly processed foods, it can seem very difficult to feed your kids the proper nutrition they need. But don’t loose heart! Instead of grabbing the pizza pockets and corn dogs in the Walmart Freezer reach for carrots or grapes. 

If you start introducing healthy food to your kids young they will develop a taste for a good balanced diet. 

Yes, your child may wrinkle his nose to good nutritious eating but be creative. When fixing a rice dish add some pinto or black beans for some good healthy fiber. Mix up a fruit smoothie by blending some fruit, add some yogurt for a good probiotic. Or pour it in a  homemade popsicle mold for a refreshing summer treat!

Play Outdoors

Getting your kids outdoors is very vital to a healthy body. Fresh air clears the mind and the sun is a good source of vitamin D. I find that getting a child some vigorous exercise outdoors cuts the boredom and makes for a happier disposition.

Allow Some Junk Food

Allow some junk food, did I just say that? Yes, i have watched some kids that have been denied any kind of junk food go crazy when they are in a circumstance when allowed. 

Treating your kids with some junk food teaches them the balance of eating good healthy food at the same time not pigging out on that bag of chips or the bag of skittles! 🙂

Keep Kids Home When Sick

Sick kids…Be considerate! Do you like when you send your kid off to school or drop them off at the daycare and the next day your kid is sick in bed all because of exposure to the sick kid they were around the day before? 

I know it can be difficult to make that call in kids. You have your schedules and appointments to meet but a sick kid needs his mom when he’s down! A mom’s  gentle touch can be so healing to a kid!

In Conclusion

Every child is unique and special. Some of these tips may not apply to you, but this is what i have found helpful in my seven years of being mama! Kids are a special gift to us from God and may we give them the absolute Best! The best in health, in fitness, in emotional and mental health! 

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