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How To Write A Well Structured Blog

By Carolyn Wagler

Start with a introduction. Like the one I’m about to write, it just might be the most important paragraph in your blog. So keep it interesting and make it captivating, so your audience will want to keep reading!

A good introduction will help your blog be well structured and set the tone for your blog post.


Here are some simple steps to follow to help you get started writing your first blog post.

  • Pick topic
  • Research your topic
  • Check facts
  • Write your outline

Write Headline (title)

The headline is very important as well for your blog. It needs to be relevant to what your blog post is about. But I’m sure you already knew that! Try to make the headline eye catching.

Listed below are some tips to help you come up with a good headline….

  • read your work and let inspiration come
  • make it easy to remember
  • solve a problem, teach something
  • create a knowledge vacuum
  • write down all the words that come to mind when reading your post

Get Writing

Now that you have your topic picked out and fully researched. Get those fingers hammering that keyboard! And get those original thoughts of yours, saved on your blog.

You can either write your blog down on paper first, or put it right in the memory of your blog. I love the easiness of typing it and editing it right here on my laptop, so I usually don’t write it on paper. But definitely do what works best for you!

Remember, to keep your sentences and paragraphs short. It makes them that much easier to read. Also they are more appealing to the reader that way.


I have a short attention span like most humans these days. So adding in images are a great idea to break the boring paragraphs up! Columns are a good way to add pictures beside the text without taking up to much room.

Editing And Proofing

The final, but maybe the most important step is editing, correcting, proofing, polishing and revising what you have written. Make your blog post look as professional as possible.


The very last paragraph is the conclusion. In the conclusion section you will want to give a summary of what your blog post is about.

So friends, just to recap here are the 6 steps I recommend for writing a well structured blog post:

  • 1Plan your post
  • 2Write your captivating headline (title)
  • 3Get writing your blog post
  • 4Add images to your blog post
  • 5Edit and proof and revise your post
  • 6Write your conclusion

If you are looking for some professional help to set up a blog or a website I would highly recommend Troyer Websites. Jonas did a wonderful job setting up my website and blog. He is super knowledgeable and helpful when you are getting started and have 100’s of questions. LOL

Happy Blogging friends.

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