A Life Worth Living - Carolyn Wagler

A Life Worth Living

By Carolyn Wagler


Winter Wonderland

As February comes to a close. I am sitting here reflecting back on my marvelously blissful February. The wintery cold but beautiful February. The musings and adventures and blessings of our life. All those small moments.


I am pondering how the month passed by so quickly? How does one day turn into one week. One week turn into one month? The weekend feels like a divine blur of relaxation and family time. Then we wake up and find it is Monday. The beginning of another week where this family will attempt to make a positive impact on the lives of those we know!

Cold Reality



I am so very grateful and blessed to be able to work from home. It makes such a huge difference in my children’s lives. It allows me to be there for them day or night. The slobbery kisses, the falls and booboo’s. “The mom I need a hug moments.”

 I love the fact that I get to help them ease into their Monday to Friday routines. Early bedtimes. Packed lunches. Sight reading with the kids every night. Gathering show ‘n’ tell items for school. And all the other routine boring things Mama’s need to do. Day after day!


I loved our February though and in-spite of all the mundane things of winter. The Bitter Cold. The hibernations of humans. Icy and slippery roads. All the hats and mittens and layers needed to stay warm.  There are a couple of things about February that I don’t mind. The fact that I get to celebrate the Love of my Life by spoiling him on Valentine’s Day. Then a few blissful days later we have the joy of celebrating Family Day. The little blessings of our love… our two children.


 I am so grateful that you belong to me and even more grateful that I belong to you. In your arms, I feels safe, at peace.. and in everything you do for me, I feel cared for and appreciated.

I know that I’ve been blessed to have you in my life. And when I look into your eyes, I know that I’m looking into the face of the man I will always love.



This year we combined Valentine’s Day celebrations with Family Day celebrations. This little family packed up our essentials and went away for the long weekend. It was a wonderful time of staying up late, sleeping in, breakfast in bed. No routines and alarms. A time to truly relax and forget about everything in the world except this little family God has given us to love.

Little Slice of Heaven

We hopped into our jeep and drove about 1.5 hours to this beautiful warm indoor oasis. We were sure we had landed in some little tropical heaven. When in reality outdoors there are mountains of snow and the chilly frosty air!


Family Fun


We ordered room service. Had picnics on the floor of our room. Games with the kids. Spent the weekend wearing flip-flops and bathing suits! Cranked up the heat in our room so we could leave our patio door open overlooking the atrium. The beautiful warm tropical air and the sounds of the pool and water fall kissed our skin and serenaded our ears.

Maybe I am a wee bit of a minimalist. I love when this little family has only a couple of rooms to live out of. A small kitchen. Bathroom. And one room living space including our beds. I love having my family close to me whenever possible. I love falling asleep to the sound of my babies even breathing as they drift off into the wonderful magic dreamland.

Waterslide Fun



So here is my challenge to each and every one. Enjoy all the small moments that life sends your way. Embrace it. Love it. Live it like it is your last day. Make it count. Hug your loved ones. Tell them you love them. Make them feel special. Remind them you need them. Be a blessing to others. Make every single day count.

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