The 5 C’s For Life's Journey - Carolyn Wagler

The 5 C’s For Life’s Journey

By Carolyn Wagler

My friend Betty, recently did a ‘live’ in a facebook group that I am part of. It was so inspiring and full of little nuggets of wisdom for life and whatever journey we currently find ourselves on.

It could be the parenthood journey, a fitness journey, a health journey, a journey of becoming a better person,

With her permission, of course, I borrowed her concept of the “5 C’s For Your Journey” and used it to inspire todays blog!


One of the “C’s” you are going to need is Commitment.

So, what is commitment? It is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause of activity, a pledge or undertaking.

It takes commitment to stick it out even when there is a easier way out.

Live how you need to live, be how you need to be to reach those dreams.


Life currently has me on so many journeys.. most days  they scare me. But I have found that a little bit of courage to tackle each day goes a LOOONG way…  Believe in yourself and the capability that you have been given to rock your life’s journey.


“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally. It comes from what you do consistently.” -Marie Forleo

Think about it.

I find consistency to be one of the toughest of the C’s to maintain. Sure the first month or 2 or 6 months are easy… but it is after that, that sometimes its easier to start making excuses for not pursuing your goals and dreams as passionately as when you started.

Or perhaps, your faith is being tried, maybe the results just aren’t happening yet.. and you need to just believe in the process. That’s when it gets tough. Its easy when you see the results to be consistent, its in the hard times that I struggle.

“Small disciplines repeated with consistency everyday lead to great achievements. -John Maxwell


Why is compassion part of the 5 C’s?? Good question.

Feeling Compassion towards others is a vital part of being a human. It is important to realise that compassion is a way of life or an attitude, which means that it can be practised as much in everyday living as it can with big gestures.

Compassion will improve all your relationships. Compassion at work will strengthens relationships and improves productivity. Marriages between compassionate people last longer. And families based on compassion are healthier and happier.

And that right there is the reason why compassion is so important for our everyday lives.


Last, but definitely not the least important… if we are giving our life journey, our health journey our absolute best…  150% of our best, then at the end of the day we need to be content with where we are at.


Contentment is a mental or emotional state of satisfaction drawn from being at ease in ones situation, body and mind. All the things of the world cant bring you happiness if you haven’t already learned how to be content with where you are at while striving to reach your goals.

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