Why Drawing Your Line In The Sand Is Important For You - Carolyn Wagler

Why Drawing Your Line In The Sand Is Important For You

By Carolyn Wagler

Why Drawing Your Line In The Sand Is Important For You

Are you wondering what this even means? Or why or how this could benefit you in anyway??

I have been thinking about this theory for a couple of weeks now. As I lay in bed waiting to drift off to dreamland. I have been kind of gathering my opinions and thoughts about this idea in preparation for this blog.

Here are a few of my thoughts and scribblings on why drawing your line in the sand is super important for you to meet your goals in your business or other ventures that you really want to succeed at!

Your Plan Of Action

You don’t actually have to head to the beach to draw your line in the sand. Although I would highly recommend a day of relaxation at the beach every now and then.

It doesn’t matter if you are a athlete. A business owner. Teacher. Mom on a weight loss journey. Basically, anyone who has set out on a mission to accomplish something great. Will need a plan of action to reach those goals. You need to draw it out on paper. Get a visual. Picture it in your head.

So get your paper and pen out and write down those goals and your plan of action to make your dreams a reality.

Now that you have your plan written out. If you don’t take consistent action at least 5 days a week, you won’t reach your goals. You need to take action. Do it. Just get started.

Dream Board

So along with writing out your plan of goals and plan of action. You need a dream/goal board to help you visualize and remind yourself what it is your working for.

So that on the days when you have had a tough day. Or you feel like giving up. Or you don’t feel like answering messages or problem solving. You can look up from your desk and are reminded why it is you have this dream and this goal in the first place.

My goal board reminds me that I keep working hard every single day to move my kids to a country property. A property where they can have space and the freedom to run wild. My kids want lots and lots of pets… dogs, cats, chickens and even a pony!!

Dirt bikes, snowmobiles and atvs, basically anything with a motor and wheels are a definite must for this family too!!

What will be on your goal board?

Be All In

You need to be all in. You need to find your inner strength to stick it out when the times get tough. When no one else believes in you. You need to believe in yourself. No matter what. You need to stick it out. Everyday, you need to put in the effort to get to your goals.

Put sticky notes every where if that is what it takes to remind yourself where, and why and how you plan on getting there. 

You are either all in, or you are stepping out.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Surround yourself with positive people. Like minded people. People who are doing great things with their life.

Your Why

Have you ever heard the saying.. your why needs to be so big and so powerful it will make you cry!?

If you are on a weight loss journey, your why might be all the clothes you want to wear this summer. Try them on every day even when they don’t fit to remind yourself of why you started your journey. Your health may be your why.


Your why needs to be bigger than your fears. It needs to be so big it will drive you to your goals.

Your Mindset

You need to surround yourself with mindset and personal growth books and videos.

Personal growth in every area of your life is key for you to be successful. You need to grow as a person.

You need to take responsibility for your future.


So lets get our plan of action and our goals written out. ¬†Lets get our goal board up beside our desk and our “why” sticky noted everywhere in our house to keep us motivated. Be all in. Let’s surround ourselves with positive people and work daily on having a positive mindset.

So are you ready to draw your line in the sand, make those dreams and goals are reality?

Are you ready to “Make today the first day of the rest of your life.”

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