Why I Think Working From Home Is The Bomb - Carolyn Wagler

Why I Think Working From Home Is The Bomb

By Carolyn Wagler

I have been working solely from my house since 2015. It has been life changing for me and my family. So today I would love to share with you some of the benefits of working from home. And some of the reasons why I think working from home is the bomb.

If you have been thinking about switching jobs or just adding a work from home job into your life for extra income. Or maybe your dream is to eventually make it your full time income?!


Don’t Miss Out On The Blessings Of Family Life

Ever been stuck at the office or on a business trip when all you wanted to do was be at home with your family? At your kids soccer game? Dance recital?

I love being at home with my kids every. single. day and being able to be there with them when they need me instead of paying someone else to love and care for them.

Whether you are a mom or a dad, we all can benefit from more family time!

Come join our family and lets work together from our homes as a team. Whether you want extra income or full time income I can help you. Let’s link arms and work together on time freedom and financial freedom for our loved ones.

You Are The Boss

Say it out loud with me… I am the boss. I am in control of whether my business is a success or a failure.

As long as you stick with it and give it all you got, you will be fine! Remember to grow in your personal growth and business niche every day!

I have been working from home with my MLM since January 2017, and I am just getting started! The key is believing in yourself and your dreams. Don’t let others shoot down your dreams.

Check out my blog post for 5 tips on becoming a better boss babe!

Enjoy being your own boss! In-spite of all the “boss duties” you are going to love it!

No Commute

No car needed. No hours spent in slow traffic or in a traffic jam. Talk to your team and work with others all online! Zoom calls are free!!

Not saying you all can’t take your laptops and work from your favourite coffee shop any day of the week you decide you want to! Or from the beach, your kids trampoline…. or soak up the sunshine and fresh air from the comfort of your deck!

Schedule Flexibility

I love the schedule flexibility. You can plan work around your life instead of planning life around your work schedule!

Need a day off? Or want to hit the beach? Take the day off, or answer messages as you sit on the beach! What is better than that??

Is this starting to sound good?

Tax Benefits

The home office deduction is one of the more complex deductions. The cost of any workspace that you use regularly and exclusively for your business, regardless of whether you rent or own it, can be deducted as a home office expense.

Here are some examples of the things you will be able to claim for by having a home office.

  • check% of your home mortgage
  • check% of home depreciation
  • check% of property taxes
  • check% of utilities
  • check% of home insurance
  • check% of home maintenance¬†

Please check with your province or state for exact information on your tax benefits.

Low Start-Up Costs

There are many benefits of working from your home when you are just starting out with brick and mortar business. It will save you so much start up cost.

You don’t need to rent or buy a building. You already have internet services, telephone service, computers, your desk and chair.

If you are joining a MLM or network marketing business, the start up costs will be even less. For example, with my health and wellness company it is $44 Canadian or $34.95 US funds to get started.


You don’t need to stock inventory at your house. You don’t need to deal with shipping issues or refunds. No dealing with product issues. Your customer service at head office will take care of all those things for you.

It is literally my favourite gig in the whole world, I get paid to be a product of the product… to get healthier. I get paid to love others and help them reach their health goals! I get paid to make new friends, I link arms with them as we work together¬† towards their financial goals.

Does it get much better than that? I don’t think so.

I would love to help you get started slaying your dreams! Click here to work with me!

In Conclusion

Life is good. Working from home is such a blessing. A blessing and opportunity I am honoured to share with others. Moms. Dads. Or anyone who dares to dream that there is a better way than being stuck in a office from 8-5 all day. Every day.

Nothing wrong with being in a office if it is your “thing”, but I love taking my “office” with me where ever I go throughout the day.

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So blessed to be living this life as a Wife. Mom. Business Coach. Entrepreneur. Music Lover.